Canvas transfer uses an existing physical print and then chemically lifts the ink off of its paper backing with a special film or laminate. The ink is then transferred onto a canvas, and fixed in place with a hot press. If you have a poster, print or photo and wish to transfer it to canvas, we will make the magic happen!
  • With a canvas transfer, the color appearing on the resulting print is comprised of the amount of ink lifted from the original print, usually by a heat press, and transferred onto the canvas substrate. The degree of control over color adjustment you have with inkjet printing is not available with canvas transfers.
  • The UV barrier and water-resistant finishing applied to the canvas protects the print, although the durability of the color is dependent upon the quality of the ink lifted from the original print.
  • The transferred print must be the same size as the originating print, as it is essentially the same physical image as the original.
  • Limited to one transfer from a single original print.
  • Black or White fabric tape is often used to finish the sides.

Black and White

Canvas Transfer

Transferred Onto Canvas

Linen Liner and Frame