Digital Printing onto:

  • Regular Canvas
  • Acid Free Canvas
  • Photo Paper
  • Watercolour Arche Paper

An inkjet print on canvas is made using an image in digital format and printing it directly onto the canvas. This is what is known as a Giclée on canvas. The name is derived from the French gicler, meaning “to spray”, as the inkjet printer sprays ink onto the printed surface.

  • Since the inkjet method begins with a digital file of the image, you can exercise a degree of control over color adjustment by using image-editing software, either to color-match the digital image to the original, or to manipulate the colors to achieve the desired result (e.g. changing an original color photo to black and white; enhancing the blue tones in an image to create a cooling effect, etc).
  • Printing with archival quality inks ensures long term durability of your print. It also offers a high level of UV protection while being resistant to fading.
  • With a digital image file, you can choose the size of your Giclée prints, whether you’d like to print them the same size as, smaller than, or larger than the original.
  • Multiple copies of the same image can be printed from the same digital file.
  • We offer a variety of side-bar solutions, allowing you to choose what your artwork looks like from the sides, whether that be a solid color or a visual effect, using the image as a guide.

Digital File

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