When you purchase custom framing, not only are you paying for the materials, but for the assembly as well. The quality of the assembly and craftsmanship not only determines the overall look of the finished product, but the durability needed to stand the test of time. Since 1998, we have continued the relentless pursuit of excellence in the design and development of not only the products we carry but in the methods we use to assemble and complete your custom framing projects.With the purchase of every custom framing project, we offer expert assembly.

This includes assembling the frame, cutting the openings in any necessary matting, mounting the art, cleaning the glass, fitting the art or memorabilia into the frame, sealing the back with a dust cover, and installing the appropriate hanging system.



Any Framed In Inc custom framing work and/or assembly services are supported by a lifetime guarantee. If you ever have a failing frame (including its inner components) that originates from us, bring it in and we will repair or replace, at no cost, any necessary parts of the frame to ensure your framed piece last a lifetime.

Frame Assembly

Frame Fitting