Custom Mirror

Framing Service


We can stretch a variety of works other than canvas! Here are some of the items that often requires stretching treatment:

  • Needlework
  • Embroidery
  • Cross-stitch
  • Crewel – whether they are from kits or original designs
  • Tapestries – include hand woven rugs, handmade quilts, and batiks.
Stretching Canvas include the 3 different methods;
  • Standard Wrap – This is where the canvas is stretched with 100% of the image on the front. None of the image is on the sides, and the staples are showing on the sides.
  • Gallery Wrap – This is where the image is stretched around the sides of the stretcher frame and the staples are on the back. The image is taken right up to the back edge of the sides and shows on the sides.
  • Museum Wrap – In a “Museum Wrap” 100% of the image is showing on the front with the image going right up to the edges, and the plain white canvas is showing on the sides.

Since these articles represent a considerable investment of skill and time, it is very important that they be displayed and protected from damage. There are many ways to display these items, and each may require special treatment to bring out the best in the work and to ensure its preservation.