Custom Framing for Shadow Boxes,

3D Objects, Memorabilia & Sports Jerseys

Souvenirs from a fun vacation, mementos of a special time in life, signed sports memorabilia.

A collection of family heirlooms: All these things and any other combination your imagination can think of can be custom framed in a shadowbox just for you.

Custom Shadowbox frames are different from standard picture frames in that they are deep enough to house not only flat items like a photograph or print, but three-dimensional objects as well. These objects can be creatively arranged, matted, and mounted in order to highlight and tell the perfect story about what is being framed.


From trophies and rock memorabilia to sports jerseys and wedding invitations, we can design and frame it for you. It all starts with your imagination. You can combine photographs from a vacation with souvenirs you bought while you were away, or photographs and event tickets from a rock concert.

Helping frame and display these treasured possessions is the most exciting part of our job. It is important to put your life on display and be proud of your memories and accomplishments.

Custom framing your treasured 3-D objects gives you the chance to proudly display them in your home or office instead of letting them languish in a closet or attic. What better way to give your treasures the treatment they deserve.